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This little box can perform 6 functions. Started as a simple solution for blending pedals with your clean signal. Then I realized I could stack all these additional features within the same circuit.

It is a Blender, Booster, Buffer, Splitter, Mixer and Phase flip circuit.

A great solution for blending in pedals and other processing gear to your sound that don't normally give you the option of a clean blend. Great for bassists!

Can be used to split your instruments signal into two for going into two different amps simultaneously. You also have the option of flipping the phase on one of the sends in case the phase relationship between the two amps is off.

It also makes for a great little preamp for instrument that need a little more volume going into an amplifier or PA.

It was designed to be a great little studio tool for musicians and engineers alike.
For such a small device, you really can't beat the functionality.
This is the final form of this little device. It has been thru countless redesigns but I've finally ironed out all the kinks.

- 9/18vdc operation, center negative
- 1 Meg input impedance
- True Bypass
- Bi-color LED, green for active, red for bypass
- Enclosed in a tiny Hammond 1590G

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