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DOW- Fuzz/Overdrive/Distorter


*This batch will ship on March 8th

Named one of the Best New Pedals of 2021 by JHS Pedals!

This design is my baby. I spent countless hours experimenting with the design until I got it just right. I used a NOS Germanium transistor at its heart, combined with an op-amp, MOSFET, and other secret unicorn magic stages to bring you chunky, roaring rhythms and searing leads creating a wall of sound that’s sure to melt faces. You have a 3-way toggle switch that selects between 3 distinct drive tones. It has a parallel clean channel that’s independent from the drive side so you can use it as a pre-amp/clean boost. Then just add as much of the drive side as you want! A feature that I know bassists will appreciate. Cut the clean side altogether and get the most insane saturation you have possibly ever heard. Even at full tilt, it's giving you endless harmonic detail that’s never undefined. Responds really really well to your guitars volume controls. With the drive control cranked, you can still clean it up by pulling back the guitar's volume! It’s incredibly dynamic and oozing brutal bliss if that description even works!?

Controls are;
-“V” or Volume: Controls volume of the drive side. Loads of output volume.
-“C” or Clean: Controls volume of the clean preamp side. 12 o’clock position is unity volume and past that is all boost!
-“T” or Tone: Controls the treble response of the drive side.
-“F” or Fat: Controls the amount of bass entering the drive side.
-3 way toggle selects the voicing of the drive side. All 3 are very distinct and fiery.


Completely hand-built in Long Beach, CA. Designed and built by me, for dirt box enthusiasts like me. I use high-quality Gorva enclosures. Everything is hand-stamped, drilled, painted, and wired because that’s the only way I can do it.

I designed these circuits while cooped up during COVID closures last year. They are the result of tons of hours of experimenting and trying to create new and original sounds. I try to source the best parts I can get for all my builds as if I were building it for myself.