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This is a completely original circuit. Though there is a horse in its name, it has nothing in common with a Klon. I just played way too much Red Dead Redemption for a while. There are a ton of sounds this pedal can cover. Rich amp-like sustaining tones Using multi stage opamp clipping, no diode clipping at all. Very tweak-able EQ section with Hi and Lo baxandall EQ and a 3 position Mid switch (Flat, Boost, and Scoop). Has 2 saturation modes! Position one is a modern sound with a tight bass response for palm muting perfection. Works great both for rhythm and lead sounds. Position two is a fuzzy, gated, hairy sound that PUSHES those mids even more forward. Adds a gated aggressiveness to the sound. Uses bipolar power rails for twice the headroom. Tons of output! Designed and built in Long Beach, CA.

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